Satan, Socialism, and the Democrat Party explores the underlying foundational reasons that we as a nation are disintegrating into socialism. Socialism is a political/societal mess that has brought only pain, suffering, and death to all nations that have tried it. The root causes of the Democrat Party’s love affair with socialism are reflecting the roots of their belief that all humans are born not of Almighty God but rather the slime in primordial swamps millions of years ago. 


This horrid world view can only lead the United States of America into the swamp from which they believe we all came. I believe that the love of power, which the Democrats will gain through socialism, is driven by none other than Satan himself. Evidence of this is seen in the increased interest in Satanism and the occult in our country. 


Satan, Socialism, and the Democrat Party explores in depth why this can only bring catastrophe to our once great nation should we choose to go down this path.


Richard Ferguson

Satan Socialism and the Democrat Party

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