What is bipolar disorder? What are its symptoms? Why can it cause some to become suicidal? Ryan's Story chronicles a difficult and dark time in the life of a unique and wonderful teenager. He manifested symptoms of bipolar disorder, but it went undiagnosed until he was seventeen. Neither Ryan, nor anyone else in his family knew much about the disorder. As they were thrust into that stark, cold reality of a psychological disorder, they learned as much as possible to try to overcome its effects on their son. Ryan's story provides a look at how bipolar drastically alters the life of any individual who has it. It also shows the profound effect it has on the family members. You will see a firsthand account of a father, who saw one of his children trapped in the vicious cycle of this terrible disease. It is a story that will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you see a strong, intelligent, energetic young man, wrestle with his disorder, his faith in God and his struggle for life itself.


AUTHOR: Ken Dignan


CATAGORY: Biography & Autobiography,  Christian Life, Inspirational, Psychology, Psychopathology 

Ryan's Story

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