Merideth McMartin begins her senior year at Larkin University. An incredibly talented pianist, she is presented with a performance opportunity that college students only dream of. Shy and unassuming by nature, she is not actively seeking a love interest given her demanding schedule.

Enter Joe (José Emanuel Guerrera Vargas.) Sidetracked for a couple of years from attending university because of financial considerations, Joe transfers to Larkin U. as an upperclassman seeking to clarify his calling. Is he being called to preach the Gospel or to use his incredible voice to pursue a music ministry? Keeping both options open gives him an overloaded schedule. Because he does not believe in "dating," he is greatly surprised at his attraction to Meredith.

Can plain, shy Meredith be the one the Lord has intended for handsome Joe? Is it possible for them to juggle their schedules, their problems at home, and stay true to their convictions?

Rainbow Through the Rain

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