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Poetically Together

Two people, broken, grieving and lonely…

In this dark world, can hope bring them together?

Follow this authentic, poetic journal of their hearts as they search and dare to connect--in a strange new world where a screen rather than an activity or party is the first point of contact.


Looking for something soulful in a book? Something unique, thrilling, with deep insights into a journey from singleness to relationship?


Whilst written from a faith perspective, this musically and beautifully presented book describes some valuable thoughts and approaches that strengthened and grew one couple.


Travel their journey! Travel their hearts!

Touch the chance it becomes your story too!




Greg & Kathy Weller have a combined background in counselling, church ministry and education. In particular, Kathy was a counsellor by trade, and Greg a geeky teacher. They are thrilled to have found each other--though later in life.


Currently residing in Queensland, Australia, they love discovering and trying out wacky new date ideas.



POETRY: Inspirational & Religious

RELIGION: Christian Life – Relationships

LITERATURE & FICTION: Poetry – Love Poems

LITERATURE & FICTION: Poetry – Inspirational & Religious



Inspirational poetry; relationship poetry; love poems; love poems from god; inspirational poems; inspirational poems from the heart;


Poetically Together

SKU: 9781597556996
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