As I listen to Christian programs, the subject of increasing anti-Christian bias continues to surface. The recipients of this hostility seem oblivious to the motive and rational for the accusations leveled against them.

The purpose of this book is to identify the causes, as well as historical bases, for the mounting animosity evangelical, fundamentalist, Christians (of whom I am one) are experiencing.


Some explain anti-Christian bias only in spiritual terms. Although spiritual forces of darkness are quite real, there still remains the historical factor which led to, and laid the foundation for, the present antagonism from the world towards us.


Others see anti-Christian bias through the lens of the cultural war. This perspective will give an obscure picture; for anti-Christian bias caused our cultural war, and was not the result of it. Therefore the question is, “What forced America to vehemently turn against Christianity, and thereby possibly seal our nation’s doom.”

One Test One Identity

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