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While waiting for the ultimate roller coaster ride, hearts thud in excitement and expectation. Sometimes the line is unbearably long, but as that inevitable moment arrives when all are secured in place, the stomach butterflies mass multiply. Click, click, click. Once the high point of anticipation arrives, fear meets thrill, and there is no going back. Whirling up and down in unexpected directions, finally that ride comes to an end, having left its mark with messy hair and joyous faces. Want to go again?! Each chapter in KNOW HIS WAY! will take the reader on the roller coaster ride of life. From the fearful, "There's no way!" to proofs of God's presence--His way--each tale ends with a joyful exclamation, "No way!" While every recorded event tightly grabs hold of the reader from start to finish, the focus of the book is not on the people, but on the One writing their story.


Author: Jeri Daniel


Categories: Inspirational, Personal Growth, Spritual Growth

Know His Way

SKU: 9781597552714
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