King David is the one biblical character who permeates nearly every page of the greatest book ever written, the Bible. In both the Old and New Testaments, the shepherd boy, who killed the evil giant, Goliath, is considered to be the people's champion and the favorite of his God. Even though history has molded David into a religious icon, it was made possible because of his success as a politician. In order to establish the Kingdom of Israel, he had to transform himself from a deeply religious shepherd boy into a consummate politician. Looking at his life as a seventy year quest to make the sacred dream of his ancestors a reality, the Consummate Politician was written as a Christian epic. This epic describes candidly and unapologetically David's lifelong spiritual struggle between the conscience of a virtuous shepherd boy and the vices of the Consummate Politician. These vices include deceit, manipulation, betrayal, and murde

King David

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