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David Cohen went for another walk. In his travels, he happens upon a red door in the Broadway Theater District of New York City. It is a small door into a vast city. As he walks through the maze of his regret he stumbles, and yet is lifted into a new discovery. He had not yet met his destination but finds a doorway into a new beginning. A thinker and a feeling man his journey on this weekend bring him answers to questions he was not aware of asking. On this day's journey, David happens upon the Narrow Gate Theater. 
Journey Through The Narrow Gate is where imagination and reality meet at the crossroads of despair and hope. It's also a place where time and eternity meet personal pain, and it's healing. It is where one can discover the missing pieces for what has been longed for, yet almost forgotten.


About the author: Dennis Stephan Cole is a pastor, actor, director, playwright, and author. He has one Master degree attending two seminaries, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Azusa Pacific Graduate School Of Theology. Dennis and his wife Wendy founded Dramatic Christian Ministries and Narrow Gate Theater. They have continually rediscovered God’s presence in Scripture while ministering in twenty-five states throughout The United States as well as in many events around the world. 


Author: Dennis Cole


Categories:  Allegory, Fiction

Journey Through the Narrow Gate

SKU: 9781597554398
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