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Have you thought about praying for Israel, and do you know where to start?


This must-read book will reveal the true enemies of Israel: those who are already launching attacks and challenge Israel from within. Similarly, to ancient Troy, they are crafty in their tactics to destroy. The results of this daily battle are already revealed in the alarmingly fragile structure of Israeli society.


This begs an imperative and timely question: "Will Israel survive until the return of Our Lord?



The author, Shaul Katzav, was born and raised in the land of Israel. In 1996, he came to faith in his Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), after researching the Tanach (Old Testament scripture).


During his biblical studies and ministry in the USA, he was led to write "Israel's Enemies Within" following to a very simple question by a fellow believer: "How can I pray for



Shaul sincerely hopes believers unite in prayer more effectively for Israel's survival and its future redemption.


He currently lives in Texas. He is happily married and a father of three children.



Middle Eastern Politics

Israel & Palestine history books



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