IRAQ: In The Crosshairs Of Destiny Years after the Iraqi Freedom War and the subsequent insurgent violence that has threatened to derail the post-war rebuilding process, Iraq continues to hijack the evening news. What is it about this seemingly obscure place snuggled among the more notable regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey that commands the world’s attention? And, where is it all going? Will the horrendous sacrifice of lives and the enormous expenditure of money be deemed worth it in the end? Can anyone unravel the mystery of Iraq and predict its future? The short answer is—yes, God can. Discerning the future is a biblical specialty. Under such ancient names as Babylon, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Chaldea and Shinar, the story of Iraq’s significance is boldly displayed across the pages of the Bible. Beginning with Iraq’s modern emergence into world prominence, IRAQ: In The Crosshairs of Destiny probes the spiritual meaning of Iraq as the genesis of history, the nemesis of Israel, and the cornerstone of end-time events. This captivating saga reveals how one nation and its prominent city, Babylon, embodies the destiny of world affairs. As the Bible closes, Babylon in Iraq enjoys a measure of international fame as a thriving commercial enterprise. So, what would it take for this to become a reality? IRAQ: In The Crosshairs Of Destiny offers answers to that question.

Iraq: In the Crosshairs of Destiny HC

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