INTO AFRICA: ADVENTURES OF A MISSIONARY KID: Monkey Hunting Dave Rager and his family are headed to Sierra Leone in West Africa for their first term as missionaries. As they start there orientation, they meet Miss Maida Green, who is viewed with doubt by the other missionaries because of her strange behaviors. Dave determines that he will avoid Miss Maida, but she surprises him by inviting him to go monkey hunting. This is something he can't pass up! As the hunt progresses, danger lurks unseen, and Dave's life is in peril. The missionaries, new and old, must trust God to help them as never before. Into Africa is a wonderful story about adjusting to missionary life in a third world African country. Being a Missionary has its ups and downs, as well as dangers. Trusting the Lord through these dangers becomes essential for survival and success on the mission field. Accepting differences in others and loving them is a lesson all must learn.

INTO AFRICA, Adventures of a Missionary Kid:Monkey Hunting

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