Dave Rager and his family arrive in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone, to start their first term as missionaries. They get settled into their new home, and Dave meets Jeff, another missionary kid. The two become fast friends and begin a 'Good News Club' to introduce Jesus to the local Mattru kids. But Tom Berkey, a bully at the MK School, teases them from the beginning of school. Dave has to learn how to deal with the bullying, and he hears about a terrible event in the past that made Tom turn mean. Tom dares them to swim in the Jong River, where he says crocodiles are. Dave and Jeff, disregarding Tom's attempt to scare them, proceed with their plan to float down the river. But, it is dangerous, and someone's life is at risk! Dave must have great courage and test skills he has never used. Crocodile in the River continues the saga of the Rager family as they make friends in their new African home. Tragic events could turn anyone into an enemy of the Lord. Gentleness, prayer, and forgiveness are necessary to understand and help restore those alienated from God because of losses that could happen on the mission field.

INTO AFRICA, Adventures of a Missionary Kid: Crocodile in the River

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