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“I love Jeff Frick. He’s the rarest of humans, deeply loyal, deeply truthful, deeply loving. His new book on belonging is all these together! Jeff lives as unafraid as anyone I know. He steps into the hardest life situations and brings kindness and hope and God’s presence. “Belonging” is his to write about because it’s the battle of his life. People are crushed in loneliness and looking to find a pathway to light and true community. Who better to light a candle for us than Jeff who knows the deepest pain of rejection and loss, only to find his way to an unshakeable belonging to Jesus.

I have never left an encounter with Jeff without feeling lighter, richer, honored, and loved. It’s what Jesus does through Jeff everywhere. He loves like Jesus loves, inviting but not demanding, embracing people in their confusion, and hurt. I so deeply respect the flow of what Jeff has written because everyone lives with unsolvable relationships that sap our value and confidence. We find ourselves paralyzed by meanness and favoritism, and then here comes someone like Jeff who has lived a journey that says, ‘You can make it! Jesus has a way forward. And there is belonging for you that no one and no circumstance can ever take away from you.’

I encourage you, follow Jeff’s journey to wholeness, and freedom from bitterness. It’s a journey to joy! And thank you, Jeff, my brother, for the courage to tell the unvarnished story. This book is going to help so many find their way to their true home.”

--- Steve Andrews, Founder of Kensington Church/Troy, MI


Jeff is a pastor, chaplain, teacher, mentor, pastoral care provider and an author. He lives with his wife Laura in Shelby Township, Michigan, and they have been married for more than 30 years. He is a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, and a friend to many. He has served in various organizations over the years in the community in which he lives. Jeff is involved in discipling men in several churches, and currently has a home-based fellowship in Shelby Township where he serves as a pastor.


Jeff’s passions include reading, writing, teaching, mentoring, counseling, and discipling men. He is a life-long learner and shares his knowledge with the dozens he counsels and serves. He is also founder/president of GRAM (God Refines All Men, God Redeems All Men, God Restores All Men) Ministry. His ministry, of nearly two decades, has primarily been in small groups and one-on-one encounters.


Many long-established spiritual leaders have poured into Jeff over the years. He believes this spiritual capital God has poured into him should be invested into the lives of others. Jeff spends his days encouraging men to receive the grace of our Father in Heaven and to trust Jesus, His Son, as their life source and purpose.



RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Life – Spiritual Growth

RELIGION: Christian Life – Personal Growth



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