Lauren is enjoying life as a single, successful business woman in Boston and has about everything a person could want except a husband. She meets Josh, the handsome new assistant Pastor and realizes she has met the man with whom she will spend her life. When he is offered a job as the head minister at a church in the Berkshires, Lauren leaves corporate America and becomes a full time Pastor's wife. At first the transition is difficult for her but she gradually comes to appreciate her own ministry and relishes her life as a mother. On a snowy morning in December, she receives a call from Jeb Waters, a deacon at the church who tells her he believes Josh is having an affair with his wife. With her marriage on the verge of collapse, Lauren is determined to find out what really happened. Told in alternating narrative voices, the novel explores what the Bible says about divorce and the choices that educated, successful women have today.


AUTHOR: Lynnette Vallecorse


CATAGORY: Fiction, General

Handle With Grace

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