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Have you ever wondered if you are living God's call for your life? Do you feel like your life does not have meaning? Then if you do hear the faint whisperings of God, are you afraid to follow? I have! This is a story about listening to God's whisperings to live a life that we (my husband and I) would not have considered and trusting that He will make a way. He has led us to the wild way which involves loving children through fostering/adoption. It has been wild because we never know what is coming around the next bend. It has not an easy, conventional, or convenient way, but it is God's wild way which has taught us much about grace, forgiveness, love, joy, and peace. My prayer is that you discover your God wildness in these pages and hear His whisperings for you to be daring enough to trust and obey.


AUTHOR: Dena Garner


CATAGORY: Christian Life, Inspirational

God Wildness

SKU: 9781597551854
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