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My journey started in 2002, I was a fit and healthy person and started to get discomfort in my right shoulder. After many tests the doctors discovered that I had a large tumour in my shoulder. I was shocked, devastated and very fearful. Was I going to live or was I going to die? I underwent surgery and radiation therapy but the treatments were unsuccessful. 

I cried out to God for help and He heard the cry of my heart. He took me on an amazing journey where I learned so much about faith and trusting in His word. He is a God who is faithful to all His promises. We need to believe Him and not let go, even if our circumstances look grim.

I was totally healed in January 2007, it was a miracle. God took me from sickness to health and my story will encourage you to never give up and put your trust in Him. God is so faithful! 

My name is Vikki O'Neill and I live in Perth Western Australia. I am an ordinary person who went on an extraordinary journey with God. I am blessed to be happy and healthy today because God miraculously healed me.


Author: Vikki O'Neill


Categories: Inspirational, Healing, Miracles

God Healed Me

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