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Are you one of the thousands, if not millions, who feel as if the dealer of life has dealt you a bad hand from the start? As if every time you make it out of one unfortunate circumstance you dreadfully enter into another? Are you a product of your environment; raised in poverty and felt you had to hustle, rob and/or steal in order to survive? Father was never around, or felt shunned by your mother? Been abused, heartbroken, deprived, or abandoned time and time again, to the point where you’ve started to believe that maybe you deserve your hardened situation? Or even deeper, if there is a God, He’s either cold-hearted or doesn’t love nor care about you? If any of these are true, then this book was written just for you.


Terry R. McClure, born and raised in the heart of the Bay Area, not only felt and experienced “all” of the above listing, he’s lived a life of crime that most only see in movies or read about in urban books. With that being said, during one of his many incarcerations, feeling lured into reading the Bible, he was amazed at what he discovered. Not only is the Bible not just a “book of rules”; as he speculated up until that point, but also, in learning how God operates through the scriptures, he was able to analyze his own life and as clarity set in – God’s presence in it from the beginning. Feeling as if he’d been given a fresh pair of eyes, Terry was able to look back and reflect on his darkest hours and in doing so, was able to acknowledge his Ah Ha! Moments. Times in life, when rather we acknowledge Him or not, God reveals his underlying love and yearning for us – to us. Full Circle is a short but powerful book in which the author highlights some of his most impactful Ah Ha! Moments in an effort to assist you in acknowledging yours. Because it is then, that all of the struggle, pain, and chaos will begin to make sense. 


Brought up in a church and always feeling the presence of a Higher Power, I felt compelled to put some of my life’s experiences on paper in an effort to give some form of clarity to others whose upbringing was/is similar to mines. As well as give GOD the Glory, by allowing Him to use me as His instrument.



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Full Circle: Acknowledging Your AH-HA! Moments

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