In recent years, churches of all stripes have begun to look afresh at how to more efficiently be God's agents of care to the poor in their communities. Additionally, millennials have become more vocal in their desire for the church to invest more attention and resources in this area. But where do they start? Should they spend more money or launch new programs?

In his new book, Discovering God’s Heart For The Poor, Thomas Osgood encourages us all--from pastor to pew-warmer--to start from the heart. God's heart. His compassion for the least, the left out and the left behind shows up throughout the Bible in both familiar texts and in other scripture verses that are not so well known. 

Whether you're a staff member, ministry director, Bible study leader or a Christian who wants to understand God's heart more deeply, you are sure to have a deeper understanding of God's heart for the poor, and develop a strong foundation from which to take action.


Tom has sought to orient his life to reflect God's deep love for the poor and marginalized. He has "gleaned" wisdom from his years of experience rolling up his sleeves and ministering to the widow, orphan, and immigrant, and he's excited to share that knowledge with you through this book. Tom currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Angie.


AUTHOR: Thomas Osgood


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Discovering God's Heart for the Poor

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