In a world of bullying and abuse, Christians often struggle with the concepts of “turning the other cheek” versus drawing the sword. As the world plunges more deeply into secularism and violence a faith response is needed. Through a thorough examination of the grammatical, historical, and cultural details of that fateful night in the garden of Gethsemane, a whole new story emerges as a variant from traditional teaching. Insight into the characters, time, and place will offer the reader an inspiring tale of a courageous act of faith and its practical meaning in daily faith living. A refreshing new look at a very familiar story CSI: GETHSEMANE - "Peter and the Ear" will provide the reader with answers to tough questions like these:

When to stand up and speak out?

Is it alright for Christian’s to carry weapons for protection?

How does faith in Christ shape our response to a violent world?

How do I face bullies and avoid becoming one?

CSI: Gethsemane

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