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Campaign for a Better Life - want to continually improve your life? Who would not want more friends, and to earn their respect? Question is, "how can I, what do I need to do?" This book answers those questions and will give you tools to improve your life and the lives around you. Gary Bergenske will give you principals he has refined for your easy reading. Lessons in this book will take you on a journey that will improve your life and your self esteem.

Find out how to ....


Live a positive life full of contagious energy.


Improve your people skills with personal warmth and charisma.


Let your dreams and passions allow you to think out of the box.


Improve on your communication, motivational, and leadership skills.


Become a person who is persistent about their desires and goals.


Live with integrity and earn the support of your family.


Earn the respect of others by giving sincere compliments.


Modernize for the future as you develop your greatest asset. 


The time is now, start improving yourself. The lessons in this book are attainable by anyone who is desirous of living better. It only takes you to make the commitment.

Campaign For A Better Life PAPERBACK

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