Billy The Bully: Choose Love


Do you or someone you know have a bully problem? Joey is a sweet kid who loves to go to school. However, Joey does not like Billy. Billy is a "bully." Joey has to discover that labels aren't always correct, that sometimes hurting people hurt other people. Billy the Bully is a story about overcoming bullying with love rather than hate. But will choosing kindness work for Joey?

In this book, you'll learn how to:

Stop behavior problems in their tracks.

Choose love, regardless of the circumstances.

Labels don't define a person.

A better way to stop bullying.

Teaching kids to have a heart of compassion.

Priscilla was bullied throughout her life. She has had to learn how to overcome bullying first hand. She is now an advocate and speaker, traveling internationally to share her testimony and teach others a better way to stop bullying. Priscilla is a wife and mother of six. She has been a youth pastor for five years and is now a co-host for television talk show God's View. Priscilla is the current reigning Mrs. International, her platform for which is called "CHOOSE LOVE!"


Author: Priscilla Pruitt


Catagories: Children, Social Issues, Bullying

Billy The Bully

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