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Millions of people in the US have left the Church because of Church Hurt. This problem is at epidemic proportions, yet very few Church leaders are trying to find a cure for this epidemic. 

Big Girls Do Cry tells the story of the deep Church hurt and the healing process of the author and proposes one possible cure for this epidemic: rebuild the Church on a complete foundation based on love. 

When asked, most people will say that Jesus is the full foundation of the Church. That sounds very Biblical, but it is not. Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Church, not the full foundation. Without a full foundation, the Church will collapse and hurt the people within its walls. This book examines what the rest of the Biblical foundation of the Church should be and gives some very practical ways to rebuild those foundations, so fewer people get hurt in the Church.


Author Amy Leigh Moore was born again at four years old and grew up in the Church. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral and Christian Ministries from ORU. She is widowed and has suffered severe Church Hurt and has been healed of that hurt. She has spent the last seven years researching Church Hurt and doing Biblical research on how to correct the problem of Church Hurt.


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Big Girls Do Cry: Preventing Church Hurt

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