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In our current times, we are not exempt from the same tactics the enemy has used since the beginning- To pit one against another through a message of superiority, inferiority, comparison, and inequality. Anything but that which God has given us, namely, a faith of equal standing in His sight.


Let's learn together what biases we may have, areas in our lives that we may view ourselves as having a greater standing, or lesser standing, than others. If God tells us that we have an equal standing, then what great confidence we have in our relationships as we pursue Godliness and the growth of His church.


We will work through biblical examples from the lives of Peter, Joseph, Judah, and others to help us with areas of our lives that bring about division and hostility that God did not intend but that Satan does intend.


When we see clearly that the work of division is the work of Satan and that a faith of equal standing is of God, we will better discern all of our relationships and how we fit into them in God's design.



Adam Rebandt was married to his wife, Sarah in 2002. They have six children of equal standing, a mix of boys and girls, biological and adopted, black and white. He enjoys walks with his wife, waking early to spend time in the Word, coaching basketball, and sharing meals with family and friends.




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A Faith of Equal Standing

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