A Child of the King is a journal where parents can steward and record prophetic words spoken over their child and document spiritual identity as it becomes more and more apparent of who God has created this child to be.

This journal starts at conception and ends at age 18 giving parents spaces to record prophecies spoken over their child, spiritual declarations on the identity of their child and space to record various miracles, signs, and wonders as your child grows in the culture of bringing heaven to earth. This will start out as a journal but will end like a book written by God Himself of your child's identity in Christ and their purpose in this world.

Throughout this journal are sections on easy to understand basic spiritual principals that every child of God must know. This journal will serve as a rock of your children's identity as they go out and start their new life as a young adult, always reminding them of the powerful ways God has been moving throughout their lives since birth.


Author: Jeff Kaline


Categories: Self Help, Journaling, Inspirational

A Child of the King

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